Mandarin-speaking Emcee 中文司仪 - Carolyn 蔡虹虹



蔡虹虹是我们高隆娱乐唯一的中文司仪。她作为中文教师已经有了三年多的经验。她也当过中文翻译者以及配音演员。从她2009年参加Pinoy Big Brother housemate,她有了不少的演出。



2009 Housemate, Pinoy Big Brother Double Up


Carolyn is BTE's resident Chinese emcee. She is a professional language instructor and has been teaching Mandarin for more than three years. She has been doing projects as a Chinese interpreter and voice talent. Carol debuted on TV as a Pinoy Big Brother housemate back in 2009 and has guested on several TV shows since then. On her free time, Carolyn enjoys studying other Asian languages such as Japanese and Korean since several of her Mandarin language students are various Asian nationals. With her versatility in hosting, acting, singing,and modeling,Carol is definitely a woman of beauty and brains.

Pinoy Big Brother housemate,她有了不少的演出。


NLEX Connector Contract Awarding

 Mid-Autumn Festival at SM City San Lazaro

2019 Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Show by the Philippine Hua Xing Art Troupe and the Philippine Ling Nam Athletic Federation at Lucky Chinatown Mall

2020 Chinese New Year Festival in Clark Pampanga

New Kinpo Group Annual Christmas Party


Live Events / Talk Show Host - Carolyn 

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