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is a trio girl group from davao who represented the philippines in the World Championships of Performing Arts last July 2015 held in Long Beach California. The group joned 5 styles ( RnB, Open, Variety, Pop, and Gospel) and won Gold medals for all 5 styles. Aside from that, they also won 3 Division Awards for RnB, Open and Gospel categories.

The group is one of the most sought after artists in Davao to perform in various events such as weddings, mall shows and corporate events, Hotels which they regularly performed in Davao are the following: Marco Polo Hotel, Seda, Waterfront Insular, Royal Mandaya, Pinnacle, Grand Hotel and the Apo View Hotel.
This Group is behind on some of the famous Visayan hit songs, "Ngano gung Dili", "Katunga" and their video for their first visaya song "pagsureUy"mentioned songs had more than a million views on Facebook and Youtube. the group also interpreted the song "KurogKo" in this year's Vispop 5.0.

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