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Playing the Piano

Zarah Bertulfo


Pianist | Accompanist


Piano on Dim Stage

About Zarah bertulfo

Zarah Bertulfo stands as an iconic figure in the realm of Philippine music celebrated for her virtuosity as a pianist and her enduring commitment to the art. With a career that has spanned decades, Ms. Bertulfo has proven herself to be a luminary accompanist, gracing the stages of prestigious venues such as Tower Club, Hilton Hotel, and Makati Shangri-La, among others. Her mesmerizing performances alongside luminaries like Lea Salonga, Bituin Escalante, and Michael Stuart Williams, the original cast member of Miss Saigon, have left audiences spellbound and have contributed significantly to the rich tapestry of the Philippine music scene.

Zarah Bertulfo's versatility and mastery of the piano keys have not only made her a sought-after accompanist but have also led her to become a cornerstone of several renowned bands, including the Pina Colada Band and Blanquitas. Her musical journey has been marked by dedication, passion, and a tireless pursuit of excellence. As a fixture in the entertainment industry, her regular gigs at top-notch establishments like Rockwell and City Club have solidified her status as a household name. Ms. Zarah Bertulfo's unwavering devotion to her craft and her exceptional talent has earned her a rightful place as a legendary Philippine pianist, inspiring generations of musicians and enchanting audiences with her timeless melodies.

Career Highlights and Notable Events for Ms. Zarah:

  • Early Beginnings: Ms. Zarah embarked on her musical journey as a pianist, contributing her exceptional skills to various artists and projects. Notably, she was the pianist for Lea Salonga during the early days of her career when she had her first child TV show on PTV 4.

  • Versatile Accompanist: Over the years, Ms. Zarah has established herself as a versatile accompanist, working with a wide range of artists including Bituin Escalante, Michael Stuart Williams (original cast of Miss Saigon), Miss Dulce, Cita Revilla, Pat Castillo, and many others. Her extensive collaboration with these artists has enriched the Philippine music scene.

  • Residency at Iconic Venues: Ms. Zarah has graced prestigious venues with her musical talents, including Tower Club, Hilton Hotel, City Club, Makati Shangri-La, Strumms, Dusit Intercontinental Hotel, Philippine Plaza, PAGCOR, and Soleil Resorts and Casino, where her performances have captivated audiences.

  • Z Project: Currently, Ms. Zarah is a key member of the Z Project, a musical ensemble known for their captivating performances. They entertain audiences every Friday at the Hilton Hotel, showcasing their passion for music and excellence in performance.

  • Pina Colada Band and Blanquitas: Ms. Zarah has also made significant contributions as the keyboardist for bands like Pina Colada and Blanquitas, adding her musical prowess to their sound and making their performances memorable.

  • Regular Gigs: Ms. Zarah maintains a busy schedule with regular gigs, including Mondays at Makati Shangri-La with Maffi and Vincent, Tuesdays and Thursdays at Rockwell, and Wednesdays at City Club for open mic sessions with John Fernandez and Misha. She also entertains audiences at Makati Shangri-La with Emil on Saturdays.

  • Collaboration with Dra. Tonton Pascual: Ms. Zarah had the privilege of collaborating with Dra. Tonton Pascual, a renowned operatic and Broadway singer. Their collaboration undoubtedly added a touch of musical excellence to their performances.

  • Dedication to Music: With an impressive career spanning decades, Ms. Zarah continues to dedicate herself to the art of music, enchanting audiences with her piano skills and contributing significantly to the Philippine music scene.


Zarah Bertulfo's Videos and Photos

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