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Vanessa Monot

French is truly a beautiful language and when sung, it becomes even more enchanting. When Vanessa Monot gets up onstage and starts to croon French songs, audiences are captivated by this stunning songstress.


Born on February 25, 1989 in Cebu City, this French-Filipina siren started her love affair with music at an early age. While children her age were asking their parents for toys, at 6 or 7 years old, Vanessa asked her Dad to buy her a guitar, piano, and harmonica. At 16 years old, she had already started playing music professionally, and when she won her first musical competition, it was then that she knew that she longed to cultivate a career in music. Because of her élan and unmistakable je ne sais quoi, an organizer in Paris took notice of her and asked her to join the band The Musicmakers as a vocalist. Since then, she has been with the band for 10 years. She was also managed by Maria Socorro De Jesus, who helped Vanessa get her foot in the door of the French music industry.


Vanessa has achieved éclat in her career. She performed at Eric Santos and Christian Bautista’s concert in Paris, sang with well-known opera singer Stephanie Reese, and played at the 2013 TFCKAT Tour in the Philippines. She has also been featured in Trip Magazine, the TFCKAT TV Show, and the Online Filipino Workers website. On top of all these, she has also garnered the following awards:

Champion – Gabi ng Awiting Pilipino 2006 in Paris, France

Champion – Gabi ng Awiting Pilipino Sariling Likha 2008 in Paris, France

Champion – SMDC Jingle Composition 2012 in Paris, France

Finalist – Nestlé Crunch Singing Competition 2012 in Paris, France


Champion – TFCKAT EUROPE 2013 in London (ABS CBN TFC)

TOP 14 Contestant (under Team Sarah) – The Voice of the Philippines 2014


What makes this chanteuse / compositeur so unique is that apart from being able to sing French songs, she can also sing English, Tagalog, and even Bisaya songs. Whether it’s Pop, Jazz, R&B, or Soul, Vanessa can make any affair truly romantique with her irresistible voice and her stellar guitar-playing.


Vanessa credits her Father and Mother for her passion and talent. It was they who encouraged her to start playing music and to this day, she remembers them every time she sings. Music has been a big part of her childhood and it still is today. “Music is the only way I ease my worries,” she says. “Music makes me feel happy and free.”

With Vanessa performing at your event, you will always have Paris… and you will most certainly have a magical time.

Words by: Nadine Madarang

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