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Introducing Tin, a passionate singer-songwriter from Taguig City with a soulful voice that leaves a lasting impression. Inspired by her father's love for music, Tin embarked on her musical journey at the age of 14 and hasn't looked back since. Music became her ultimate passion, a source of joy, and a way to connect with people. She finds motivation in the smiles and enjoyment of her audience, making each performance a memorable experience. With influences like Jennifer Hudson, KZ Tandingan, and Christina Aguilera, Tin's versatility shines through her captivating renditions of Jazz and soulful R&B love songs. Her dedication and commitment to providing the best musical experience sets her apart in the industry.


Tin's journey in the music industry took her from school competitions to winning a singing contest that led to training at the Center for Pop Music. Since then, she has graced stages at prestigious venues like The Heritage Hotel, Marriot Bonvoy in China, and Holiday Inn. While she hasn't released any albums yet, Tin's voice and stage presence have garnered attention, earning her accolades such as first place in Friday Talent Night Taguig and Informatics competitions. With her undeniable talent and a deep desire to inspire and entertain, Tin's music touches the hearts of listeners, making her a remarkable artist to watch out for.

Music Concert


  • First Live Performance: Made her debut as a singer at a local event in her hometown.

  • Singing Contest Victory: Won a singing contest in school at the age of 18, marking a pivotal moment in her career.

  • Training at the Center for Pop Music: Underwent professional training, refining her vocal skills and stage presence.

  • Regular Performances at Stargate Makati: Started performing part-time at this well-known venue, gaining valuable experience and exposure.

  • China Performance: Worked as a singer in China, broadening her international experience before the pandemic.

  • Established Small Business: During the pandemic, she launched a small business to support herself while continuing to pursue her music dreams.

  • Collaborations with Musical Idols: Had the opportunity to meet and collaborate with influential musicians and groups in the industry, furthering her artistic growth.

  • Diverse Venue Performances: Regularly performed at a variety of venues, including bars, malls, and hotels, building her presence in the music scene.

  • Musical Style Diversity: Known for her versatility, performing a range of genres, from Jazz to soulful R&B love songs.

  • Focus on Singing: While proficient in playing basic guitar chords, her primary focus remains on her vocal prowess as a vocalist.

  • Potential Future Collaborations: Expresses a desire to collaborate with fellow musicians in the future to expand her musical horizons.

  • Emotive Singing Style: Recognized for her ability to convey deep emotions through her soulful interpretations of songs, captivating audiences.

  • Passion for Music: Continues to pursue her music career with unwavering dedication and a strong commitment to delivering her best in every performance.




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