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DJ Tikoy Chiu Versatility is his brand of hosting. He bridges the elements of entertainment and take it to events. Spontaneous hosting with the right amount of punchlines and entertaining performances thru music and stand up comedy. He is a graduate of AB Masscommunication major in Broadcasting from Centro Escolar University - Manila. Started his career as a member of the teenage group “Tropang Bagets” of DZMM. Has been a member of Punchline’s “Gwaffitos” a group of good looking male comedians who performs in male and female voices. Appeared on several ABS-CBN shows. In year 2007 he was given his name “Tikoy” and launched as a “Tadjock” segment host of Studio 23’s Wazzup Wazzup. He also appeared as a character actor in several teleseryes. Tikoy Chiu’s career in the radio industry started when the demand for comedians on the airwave was requested back in 2011. He was the first radiojock to do doble-kara on Philippine radio airing as Tikoy Chiu & Chaross Pempengco. Currently DJ Tikoy Chiu is doing a lot of corporate and private events. His versatility and spontaneous hosting sets him apart from the others.

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