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Soothing, fun, and dynamic- that is the music of Take Two. Two highly acclaimed events artists today combine their talents to bring their music to the next level. Teejay Ortiz, who sings pop and rnb like no other, teams up with Sandy David, a respected standards and jazz , to give us the best of both worlds.


They have performed in venues such as Bagaberde, Aruba, and 19 East (to name a few). Exploring into events, they found themselves representing other groups such as Da Capo, Kadense, Sound Salad, and Uno Ritmo—some of the best wedding/events groups in the country.


Now, ready than ever, this amazing duo is out the establish their own name in the music scene. Relax as they effortlessly perform their own versions of popular tunes, be entertained as they bring new and unexpected flavor to their songs, and get carried away with their playful exchange of lines and the harmonies they create.


Both very talented, well-versed, and equally good looking to say the least: these two are not only the prime voices of today but is, indeed, the perfect pair.

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