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Stephanie Ongkiko

Stephanie is a former journalist who worked in the TV broadcast industry for more than five years. As a field reporter, she has covered all types of news from disaster stories to political issues and events. She worked for RPN 9 for four years and used to anchor its daily newscast, RPN Newswatch and the hourly news updates. She used to be one of the senior reporters of Solar News TV (now CNN Philippines) and was mentored by veteran journalists and industry heavyweights Jing Magsaysay and Pia Hontiveros With a wealth of experience dealing with people and events, she has begun accepting hosting offers from various friends and contacts. She has hosted weddings, restaurant openings, corporate events and fun runs, among others. She has also hosted big company events such as the opening of a new BPO
company that was graced by no less than former President Benigno Aquino III.

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