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 Palazzo Verde  ALL-IN-PACKAGE


Greetings from Black Tie Entertainment!
Thank you for booking a PALAZZO VERDE wedding package

As a PV bride, you get to choose from two amazing groups managed exclusively by BLACK TIE ENTERTAINMENT - DCO STRINGS and THE LOVE BUS.


Option 1:  DCO Strings 
Type:  String Trio
Standard Configuration:  Violin, Keyboard, Singer
Inclusions:  Performance during Ceremony, Cocktails & Dinner 

Upgrade options:      
-  vocalist 12,000 php php/singer
-  additional musicians 6,000 php / instrument


Option 2:  THE LOVE BUS
Type:  3-pc Acoustic Band
Standard Configuration:  Guitar, Percussion & Singer
Inclusions:  Performances during Cocktails, Dinner & Party (after the program)

Upgrade options:  
add 12,000 for a String Trio at your Ceremony (Singer, Guitarist and Violinist)

Terms & Conditions:
upgrade fee is 12,000 per additional  singer or 6,000 php per additional musician
MAXIMUM staying time of musicians is a total of 4 hours (inclusive of call time and ceremony) for upgraded bookings, maximum time is extended by 2 hours (total of 6 hours)
For ceremony services outside Palazzo Verde, an additional 5,000 php transpo fee may be chargeed

Please review your contract with Palazzo Verde or request for a confirmation from the Account Executive assigned to your event.   

To complete the reservation please send back a signed copy of the confirmation letter  
A repertoire (song selector) form will be sent to you.  Please complete the said form at least three (3) months before your scheduled event to ensure the availability of your selected group. 

For more information about our packages, please see our FAQ section below

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How many songs and sets will the band perform?

Unlike bands that perform at Bars,  wedding ensembles do not  perform in numbers of sets but in terms of the sections of the wedding ceremony and reception.  


String Quartets normally perform during the ceremony, cocktail hour and dinner

Meanwhile Party Bands, usually perform at the reception venue.  The church does not allow party bands at the ceremony.

If you have chosen a party band but will need live music at the ceremony, you can avail of our discounted upgrade of 12,000 php for a Trio (Singer, Violinist and Keyboardist).

Number of Songs:

At the ceremony, the musicians are only allowed to perform during the following parts:

Processional, Bridal March, Alleluia, Offertory, Communion, Recessional and during the pictorial session.

At the reception, an hour of cocktail music would have around 8-10 songs.  The Dinner set will have around 5-10 songs depending on the cue of the coordinator.

2.  Can I set a meeting with the band?

Should you with to discuss the details of our services please drop us a ring during office hours at  09153154721.  You can also reach us through Skype or Viber at +639176594788.  If after the phone meeting, you still feel the need for a face-to-face, you may set a meeting with us and we will gladly fit you in our schedule.

3. When and How do I settle my upgrade fees. 

All upgrades are confirmed upon receipt of signed booking and full payment of the upgraded services.  

All upgrades should be paid in full and issued to Black Tie Entertainment Management.

4.  What are your bank details?

Our bank details are located at 2nd page of our contracts.  You may also refer to the info below:


For atm/bank transactions you may deposit/wire transfer to:                          

   BPI  C/A 9821005253  BDO C/A 008848000508

5.  I booked the VENUE ONLY and would still like to hire the services of Black Tie Entertainment.

Should you wish to book our services, please feel free to view our special discounted rates at the link below:

To know more about the various combinations of string ensembles, please click on the link below:

Finally, to register and confirm your booking please complete the link below. 

musicians by black tie entertainment
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