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LARAZA combines elements of Jazz, R&B & a hint of gospel.  The end-product?  Most musicians call it Soul—a genre that gained popularity in the 50s and has been evolving since then.  Composed of young and dynamic musicians, LARAZA utilizes their advanced skills by adapting progressive pop and breaking it down until it produces a sound, they could call their own.

Basically, LARAZA is a cover band that stays true to their artistry by owning their interpretations of modern hits.  So just imagine a Marvin Gaye version of a Bruno Mars hit or maybe an Al Green original with a modern twist. 


If you’re wondering how these guys ended up doing such, just imagine a  bunch of kids who grew up listing to

Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles while music by Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga (who by the way, is anadvanced jazz artist).


LARAZA front liner is the half crooner half soul-balladeer. Joining them regularly as female vox is the soul/jazz high-energy performer Ramonne Rodriguez.

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