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Khevin Scott Abarquez Almario, known as the Shy Singer, is a multi-talented artist who works as a wedding singer, pianist, vocal teacher, and theater actor. He gained recognition as the resident musician of the popular television show Eat Bulaga! during the COVID-19 pandemic. He first appeared on the show's segment called Bawal Judgmental! in late 2020.


Because of his hidden identity, a singing competition called Bida Voice: Shy Singing Competition was organized, where contestants remained anonymous during their performances. The competition aimed to showcase the talents of singers who preferred to remain unrecognized. Shy Singer himself frequently played the piano and provided live musical accompaniment for musical production numbers on the show, with only his hands visible to the audience during the telecast.


In June 2021, Shy Singer, along with the three grand finalists of Bida Voice, decided to reveal their identities to the public, bringing an end to their anonymous performances.



Khevin Almario, a musician, will be releasing his latest single titled "Bakit Ikaw" on March 20, 2023. The song will be exclusively distributed by Digital Sauce and will be available worldwide on major streaming platforms at 9PM PHT on the same day. Almario originally composed the song back in 2000 when he was in high school, but he revisited and revised it in 2021, resulting in a more mature and logical version. According to Almario's friends who heard both versions, the new rendition makes more sense, while the old version captured the rawness of a younger love. The original title of the song was "Ako'y Iyo."


Khevin Almario recently released his first instrumental piece titled "Mellow Mondays," which serves as the official theme song for his Monday night live streaming series called Mellow Mondays with Khevin Almario. The song was distributed by Digital Sauce. Khevin met JM Dumaran, the owner and co-founder of Digital Sauce, on the live streaming app, Kumu, in 2022, and they began working and streaming content together. JM Dumaran and Dave Joseph Santos are the owners and co-founders of Digital Sauce, a multimedia company established in September 2022. The track "Mellow Mondays" is now available worldwide on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music, starting from March 6, 2023. Additionally, Digital Sauce manages Khevin's social media accounts and his personal website.

Araw-Araw by Ben&Ben cover by Khevin Almario


  • In 2016, he completed a Diploma in Creative and Performing Musical Arts at the University of the Philippines College of Music, specializing in Voice Performance and was a member of the UP Voice and Music Theater Guild.


  • Khevin has participated in several musical productions, including those staged by the Repertory Philippines' Children's Theatre, where he played various roles from 2003 to 2014.

  • He played the role of Duck/ Kettle for Repertory Philippines’ Alice in Wonderland in 2013. He was also part of the ensemble for Repertory Philippines’ Scrooge: The Musical in 2014.

  • He also played the role of Hugo Harty in Repertory Philippines' production of Scrooge in 2015 and served as the voice coach for the show's artistic team.

  • In 2015, he was chosen as one of the top Filipino talents to star in Singapura, the first original Filipino Broadway musical staged in Singapore, where he supervised the musical's orchestra behind the scenes.


  • Khevin devotes his time to his passion for music by playing the keyboard and singing at various events, primarily weddings.

  • He provides private voice and beginner piano lessons, and has been serving as the choir master of the Couples for Christ Choir in The National Shrine of the Sacred Heart in Makati since 2001 and The 5PM Choir of Saints Peter and Paul Parish in Makati since 2014.

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