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Ethan Laud

"I don’t particularly specialise in hosting. Rather, I specialise in engaging people and making them understand the reason behind every occasion. I’m a decent host, but I’m an excellent engager. More than anything, my role is to help my celebrant, may it be a person or a group; bring out the meaningfulness of their celebration. Sometimes, I’m there to make sure that a company’s conference maintains its seriousness while indulging in some light humour and banter. Other times, the event is for an 18 year old lady, and I’m meant to ensure that those who have supported her throughout her years send her into adulthood properly. Still, on occasion, the festivity takes the form of a new partnership; that of two newlyweds, and during which I am there to remind everyone of their love for one another, from then onwards. 

I love what I do because it brings people together, and I get to talk a lot while doing it. Yes, I’ll host your event, and do almost anything to make sure that connection is made. No backflips please. "

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