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DJ Galo

House, Mainstream, R&B / Hiphop, Pop, Indie, Bass / Trap



At the fresh age of 18, DJ Galo embarked on his DJ career. Finding his roots in house music, DJ Galo has branched out to numerous genres of music. His attitude and relentless passion for the craft has paved the way for him to begin making waves in Manila’s dynamic nightlife industry. DJ Galo can be found regularly performing at Black Market and Palace Pool Club.


General Assembly
The Beat Project Manila
Young Blood Events and Production


Bratpack Spinister DJ Competition
Chalk Magazine Feb-March 2017 Issue
Mumbo Jumbo Magic 89.9
Triple Trap 99.5 Play FM
San Mig Light Party All Night DJ Spin Off



Bratpack Store Opening
Costa Vista Boracay Launch
Eastwest Bank Leader’s Night
Globe Telecom Grand Prix
H&M After Hours Shopping Event
Rayban Popup Store
SMFI Sales Convention
and many more...




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