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DJ Ash

DJ and Model

DJ ASH is an awesome DJ, managing to work with different tracks and melding them together to
create a solid flow. He even manages to work across genres and give songs fresh beats that keep the
music and the vibes fresh and bright. I've heard his work and it is seamless. He can work with Trap,
Retro, House, Twerks, Raves, EDM's, 80's and 90's, and even Mash-Ups. To say he's flexible would be
an understatement: pretty brilliant. The man could probably work with Flapper music and give it new life!


He's also worked in a number of gigs at EDSA Shangri-La Hotel, the Crimson Hotel and El Nido Island
to name a few, and he definitely does not disappoint. He keeps a sharp mind in these parties and brings
it to life, calling forth the inner beast in anyone and setting it loose! If you want someone who knows what
he's doing, DJ ASH here is your man.


The man was a dancer before so I know he understands the merits of a beat and a flow. I think this is
what helps him stay so in-sync with his work. He has always had an ear for a good beat. Even back in his
university days, you could see his dedication in his work, always exploring new music to experiment with.
And the things he does with his fingers, it's all like magic. He definitely has a skilled set of hands. He is
also a sports enthusiast, very versatile and not to mention he got abs – that is why. 


Another thing you appreciate about him is his energy level. He barely winds down during events and
barely seems to be out of energy. You never see him let fatigue get the better of his work, and I have to
give him kudos for that. How he manages to stay sharp after a full party eludes me.


Finally, he is a pleasure to work with. He has the ability to hype up a crowd and yet talk to you in a very
relaxed manner on the side. He's very engaging and open to many discussions, making you feel relaxed
and welcomed.

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