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Dianne Medina

Medina started her commercial stint at the age of 5. In 2004 and 2005, she was hired to do commercials for Globe, Nestea Iced Tea, and Gentext. Later, she modeled in fashion shows for Terranova, Plains and Prints, Preview, Babo, Fly wear eyewear, Street Jeans, Human, Freeway, My Scene Barbie dolls etc. She also had her first print ad at the age of 13 for Motorola and was featured as Phil Star Dream Girl.

Medina currently studies acting at the Abs-Cbn talent center. In high school, she appeared in a play called “The Merchant of Venice”, Kabuki Play. Les Miserable and more. In college, she portrayed one of the main characters in “The tale of Protacia Dayanghirang,” a comedy-fantasy play.

Medina is also into hosting; she won out of the 12 finalists for the Wazzup Wazzup tadjock quest and was a regular segment host. She was a guest host at Wowowee and Breakfast. She was also a mainstay of Let’s Go, a youth oriented show at ABS-CBN and About Ur Luv Presents ASTIGS. She also joined U CAN DANCE version 2 and appears in ASAP 08‘s full circle productions. Other projects are DYOSA, an upcoming teleserye, and Banana Split, an upcoming gag show. She is part of a gag show under TV5 (former ABC-5) called LOKOMOKO U and is a host of a new youth oriented show called, "FLO show".

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