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Buganda, led by the visionary MR. ELMER PASCUA, is a dynamic artistic group with a 44-year legacy. What began as a humble Ati-atihan tribe has evolved into a cutting-edge production ensemble, fusing the most modern trends in music and dance. Buganda stands at the forefront of innovation, seamlessly incorporating futuristic concepts such as LED technology into their performances. Their musical journey has seen them transition from traditional Ati-atihan to techno, resulting in a unique and distinctive sound that sets them apart from other groups.



Buganda's mission is to celebrate and promote the unique cultural heritage of the Philippines as they continue to reach greater heights. With their unwavering dedication to innovation and excellence, Buganda represents a shining beacon of Philippine culture on the global stage. Their diverse sub-groups, each specializing in different forms of dance, ensure that Buganda continues to captivate audiences with their versatility and artistry, showcasing the rich tapestry of Filipino performing arts.

Diverse Specializations

Buganda's vast size encompasses multiple sub-groups, each specializing in a unique facet of the performing arts. These sub-groups include:


Buganda boasts a dedicated ballet troupe that masterfully interprets classical and contemporary ballet performances, showcasing the group's versatility and artistry.

Modern and Contemporary Dance

Click here to edit the text and include the information you would like toWith their modern and contemporary dance ensemble, Buganda explores the boundaries of movement and expression, captivating audiences with their innovative choreography.feature.

Hip-Hop (or Street Dance)

Buganda's hip-hop and street dance crew injects energy and urban flair into their performances, demonstrating their mastery of this popular genre.

Latin, Ballroom, and Social Dance

The group's Latin, ballroom, and social dance specialists excel in delivering graceful and rhythmic performances, adding elegance to their repertoire.

Folk Dance

Deeply rooted in Filipino culture, Buganda's folk dance ensemble pays homage to the nation's rich heritage, captivating audiences with traditional movements and colorful costumes.

Dancing in the Mist

Major Milestones and International Engagements:

Buganda's diverse sub-groups have collectively graced numerous major national and international events, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. 
Buganda has graced numerous major national and international events, leaving an indelible mark on the global stage. Some of their noteworthy appearances include:

  1. Phitex 2021 and 2022: Buganda showcased their talent at Phitex, leaving audiences captivated by their performances.

  2. DOT Bisita Launch: Buganda's presence at the Department of Tourism's Bisita Launch added vibrancy and cultural richness to the event.

  3. TBEX Asia Pacific 2016: Buganda's participation in TBEX Asia Pacific 2016 further solidified their status as a premier cultural ensemble.

  4. 50th ASEAN Summit 2017: Buganda's captivating performances graced the historic 50th ASEAN Summit.

  5. Philippines Centennial Grand Finale 1998: Buganda played a pivotal role in commemorating the Philippines' centennial year with a spectacular grand finale.

  6. Tourism Promotion Board (Switzerland) 2015: Buganda proudly represented the Philippines on an international stage, promoting tourism with their cultural prowess.

  7. APEC Economic Leaders Meeting 2015: Buganda's participation in the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting added a cultural touch to this prestigious gathering.

  8. CCP 40th Anniversary: Buganda celebrated the Cultural Center of the Philippines' 40th anniversary with mesmerizing performances.

  9. Visit of United States President Barack Obama: Buganda had the honor of showcasing Filipino culture during the visit of President Barack Obama.

  10. ASEAN Games: Buganda contributed to the cultural richness of the ASEAN Games, leaving a lasting impression.

  11. SEA Games Opening Ceremony 2019: Buganda's captivating performances marked the opening ceremony of the SEA Games.

  12. FIBA WORLD CUP 2023: Buganda's involvement in the FIBA WORLD CUP 2023 brought a unique cultural touch to the international sporting event.

  13. Sydney Olympics 2000: Buganda's talent graced the Sydney Olympics, showcasing Filipino culture to a global audience.

  14. FIBA WORLD CUP 2015: Buganda's participation in the FIBA WORLD CUP 2015 was a testament to their commitment to cultural excellence.

  15. ASEAN Tourism Forum 2016: Buganda contributed to the ASEAN Tourism Forum, sharing the beauty of Philippine culture with the world.

  16. World Travel and Tourism Council: Buganda was a featured artist at the World Travel and Tourism Council event, leaving attendees in awe.

  17. Global Summit Philippines 2022: Buganda played a pivotal role in making the Global Summit Philippines 2022 a culturally rich experience.



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