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Angela Torres

Having an extensive experience as a young singer around Metro Manila and in corporate entertainment, Angela Torres was also a lounge singer at Sulo Hotel in 2003.

The following year, she signed a contract with Galaxy Records, and in 2007 she achieved her first taste of fame after becoming the voice of several acoustic albums released by Galaxy Records. Featuring Angela at he very best as she breathes new life into these classic love song in the recent albums titled “Angela Sings Queen”, “Angela Sings James Taylor”, “Angela Sings Michael Learns To Rock,” and “Angela Sings Sting” and brought together the music of four of the most celebrated artists in the past three decades.


Angela was influenced by her diverse taste as she enjoys listening to Michael Jackson to Alanis Morissette to Regine Velazquez. With her easy listening songs that supplements her smooth voice and angelic face, she’s about to prove that she sings to perfection—and beyond! For Angela, she has probably half her journey to where she wanted to be, but with her unrequited passion for her craft….This is obviously just the beginning.

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