A graduate of AB Communications from the Ateneo de Manila University, Aleph is known for her earthy eccentricity and her avant garde--almost ethereal--charm. Despite this, she retains her youthful energy and adapts very quickly to the people around her, making them feel at ease while keeping the atmosphere light with her humor.


Aleph pursued a career in the arts despite being accepted in the University of the Philippines' medicine program. She began hosting in her freshman year of college for a fashion show in which she was discovered by a talent scout, thus ending up in her starring a lead role in a TVC. These are a couple of her projects:

  • Nescafe Classic Commercial - "May" (2011)

  • "Mirage" Fashion Show/Contest (Ateneo High School Fair, 2009)


As a singer, she has also performed at notable establishments such as:

  • 19 East 

  • Saguijo 

  • Route 196 

  • Conspiracy Bar 


Currently, Aleph  is a free-lance video editor working with various companies, musicians, and directors. With her experience on-cam and behind-the-scenes, she is sure to stitch together the whole event into one unforgettable blockbuster.